Thursday, May 3, 2007

It's good to have goals

I didn't want to start a blog, really, but all the cool kids are doing it and the peer pressure is just too much. It's hard to be a librarian these days without feeling compelled to familiarize oneself with every new and popular technology out there, and 23 Learning 2.0 Things is too much fun to resist. One of the assignments in the program is to start a blog, so here I am.

In addition to simply learning about blogging, I'm hoping this project will help keep me in line with a few other goals:

Share knitting progress, which in theory will force me to keep plugging away on my projects at a more steady pace than I have been. I find other blogs very helpful when they discuss different patterns and any problems that cropped up in the process and perhaps my posts will be helpful to others working on the same projects as I am. Documenting my knitting problems and issues should also help remind me of, for example, the importance of washing and blocking my gauge swatch before jumping into a project (a painful lesson that I apparently need to learn over and over again).

Learn to take decent pictures so I don't need to rely on Mr. 3goodrats Eric to do it for me, and have an easier way to post them in a more timely manner, cuz heaven knows I certainly haven't updated my website since I first put it up (though I hope to do so soon).

Comment on issues pertinent to librarians and public libraries. I subscribe to various library-related blogs and lists and read a lot library news and I do have opinions which up until now I have only shared with co-workers, Mr. 3gr Eric, and a few friends whose eyes glaze over the moment I begin the librarian-speak.

Review books. Not formal reviews, but I read a lot and it's a shame not to spend a little more time formulating cohesive thoughts about what I read. Usually I just return the book to the library and move on to the next one.

If you know me, then you know that I always feel that I should have goals, but can't ever quite figure out what they should be, or else I have ideas but can't seem to commit to them. (What if they aren't the right goals?) Here then, are some sensible goals written in stone and now I have something to work towards.

Coming soon: The Sweater of Despair and its Unfortunate Armholes

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Anonymous said...

hello hello! yay - i was at work today, with nada to do, and no new interesting posts to the few blogs i've been frequenting in such moments, and wishing for a new one to read, and - voila! thank you, and welcome to the world of blog.