Monday, September 10, 2007

Short sleeved cardigan progress

Remember this project I mentioned a while back? I've started and have been making fantastic progress!

Isn't it cute? So far, I love it!

I cast on for this over Labor Day weekend, and in just over a week this is how far I've gotten. Pretty amazing, especially considering that I didn't just spend that weekend lounging around the house, but went outside and participated in activities with other humans.

I did not wash and block my gauge swatch (boo! hiss!) for the following reasons:

a) Laziness and impatience

b) I'm making a size equal to my bust size and may want to block it slightly larger depending on how the fit seems, which I can't really tell until it's finished. It seems to fit really well now, but I won't be able to tell for sure until I add the button bands.

c) Swatches lie. Don't gasp in horror - you know it's true.

The ribbing at the bottom seems to be taking forever, but I don't have far to go. Here's hoping this sweater will be done before that brief window of time in which it makes sense to wear a short-sleeved wool sweater. Mind you, I'm not sure when that time is - I'm hoping there IS such a time. But if so, I suspect it will be soon.

I'm off to wind more yarn!

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