Thursday, January 10, 2008

BAM Challenge

Have you seen the Book A Month Challenge? Each month there is a theme, with the idea that you pick a book on that theme, read it, and post a review on your blog. Included with the announced theme is a list of books on the topic, though you are free to choose your own.

I waited until January's theme was posted before deciding to take part because I had no idea how specific it would be. I didn't want to sign up if the themes were along the lines of "military training in 18th century France" or "the relationship between mental illness and artistic ability," but apparently it is much more open to interpretation.

The theme for January is time. I actually have two books on my To Read list that stand out as being appropriate: one is The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, and the other is Time Capsule: Short Stories about Teenagers Throughout the Twentieth Century. I've started reading the second title already, as it was available in the library, but if I finish early I may also pick up the Niffenegger book. It has been on my list for far too long already. You can look forward to a review on one or both of these books later this month.

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Kevin said...

You wrote: "I didn't want to sign up if the themes are along the lines of "military training in 18th-century France"....