Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer Knitting Goals

As you may or may not know, Ravelympics 2008 is almost upon us! If you aren't a Ravelry member, here's the gist: cast on for a project during the Opening Ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in Beijing and finish before the flame goes out.

I've signed up with Team Bloc 11 and I'll be participating in WIP Wrestling, the one exception to the above cast-on rule. In this event, one tries to finish as many languishing knitting projects as possible during that time. My goal is to complete the Lace Ribbon Scarf I cast on for way back on May 16th. I've made some progress since then, but not much and not recently. I think I can finish it in 17 days if I really work at it. (And if I have time, maybe I'll even go back and finish the Blythe coat from last year! Oooh!)

My non-Olympic goal is to finish the back of St. Enda by the end of August. Although I just finished the front last week, I already have a healthy start on the back. That will give me September to do one sleeve, and October to do the other. In November I'll just seam it up and finish the neck, and it will be ready to wear by the time the snow falls. Easy peasy!

Why do I feel like Bridget Jones convincing herself she can pull together a dinner party for 12 people in an hour with 6 missing ingredients?

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