Sunday, September 16, 2007

FO: Haiku Baby Sweater

This was a gift for a friend who is expecting a baby in October. I finished it about a week ago but couldn't post until after yesterday's baby shower. It was only one of several handmade gifts including an afghan and another two very adorable hand-knit sweaters.

Aren't those buttons adorable? Windsor Button had SO many fantastic kid-themed buttons, but most were too brightly colored and cartoonish to work with this pattern. But these were perfect!

The pattern for this sweater is here at Knitty. I used Bernat Cottontots, which is 100% cotton and is soft, lovely, and machine washable and dryable. I refuse to knit baby items out of yarns that must be hand washed and dried flat. I know a lot of people do, claiming that it will be an heirloom or whatnot, but really, isn't that a mean thing to do to a new mother? Give her baby clothes that need labor-intensive and time-consuming care?

Part of the reason I chose this pattern (aside from the cuteness) is that it is knit sideways, starting at a sleeve cuff and ending at the other sleeve cuff. I've seen adult sweaters knit this way but haven't really liked any of them enough to knit. This, though, was definitely worth the experiment. It was very easy. I finished the main part rather quickly, and was only held up by the buttonholes, which I reinforced - an easy enough job, but still a bit daunting as they had to end up the right size. Sewing on buttons is a pain too, as they have to match up with the holes. But all in all, it was a fun and easy project


ZantiMissKnit said...

Very cute, and OMG BUNNY BUTTONS! I may have to make one (or more) of these!

Libi said...

Where did you get those buttons! How adorable.

Great knitting, great color!

Filambulle said...

It is really cute. I must think on this one the next time I'll knitt for wee ones.
Liked the post about questions too. :)

Emily Clasper said...

As the mother of a small one myself, I agree with not using any kind of delicate materials for baby gifts. Heirloom? What, with baby poop on it? :)
Washables are the only way to go. And you have just proven that washable yarns can make very adorable products!