Thursday, November 15, 2007

Doctor Who

Here's a scarf I made a year or two ago and has been much loved but not photographed until now. The pattern is here, but if you're thinking of making the scarf definitely check other parts of the site because there are different versions from different seasons of the show. I used the recommended yarn, Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport, because even though I had to order it online it was SO much easier than trying to match all those colors in another brand. It's great yarn, too. The knitting was mind-numbingly boring as it's just miles and miles of garter stitch on some crazy small size needles.

The scruffy gentleman modeling the scarf would now like matching fingerless gloves so I'm going to more or less use Knitty's pattern for the Broad Street Mittens. I can't use it exactly because a)it calls for sock yarn and I'm using sport weight, and b)it kind of sucks as a pattern. It includes instructions for the left mitten and then says to do it again reversing everything, which frankly is a recipe for either another left mitten, or a right mitten with the thumb next to the pinky or the flip-top over the wrist instead of the fingers. In addition, the materials list calls for two different sized needles but then doesn't tell you when to use each size. No wonder this pattern is rated "extraspicy."

A helpful soul on Ravelry says that she used the basic idea from this pattern along with the instructions from The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns to use sport weight yarn, and I think I will do the same. There don't seem to be many patterns for fingerless gloves with flip tops, so this may be all I have to work with. It involves math, but I knew I wouldn't be able to escape that forever if I want to call myself a decent knitter. I'll let you know how it goes.


Sherilyn said...

Wow. That is some serious garter stitch. I bow to your tenacity. Love it. We live down south, so a scarf like this would go pretty much unused in my house, but I do love it.

3goodrats said...

I am just thankful that it wasn't all one color!

Ethan said...

Oh, no. You didn't really just imply that you subscribe to the "math is hard" school, did you? Cuz if you did subscribe to the Barbie stereotype, I'll have to subscribe to the uber-masculine Ken stereotype, and, um, drive over there in my pink Cadillac, and zap you with my campy toy Santa.

3goodrats said...

In which case I would have my boyfriend beat you up.

I can do math, I'm just lazy and like to have everything written out for me.