Wednesday, November 7, 2007

FO: Spicy Fitted V-Neck Tee

Pattern: Spicy Fitted V-Neck Tee from Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel
Yarn: Plymouth Encore Chunky
Needle size: 11

Modifications: I skipped the eyelets on the back, as I thought the ones on the front were enough. Also, knit the sleeves in the round.

Final verdict: I like it more than I thought I would. It's just gotten a little too cold to wear it (especially at work where my department has no heat). It's unblocked and you can tell, but honestly this yarn is so highly acrylic I'm not sure what effect blocking will have. But I love the color.


Batty said...

What is it with librarians working in freezers? My office is trying to deep freeze me too, it's just not right.

Anyway, I really like your modifications. Leaving out the eyelets in the back was a good call, IMHO. It fits you wonderfully, and the color is all bright and happy. It'll be great for spring.

Lizzardie said...

It's cute! And I love how the shaping in the back makes a nice dart. :-)

Anonymous said...

Your tee looks so good. And it's a great color for you.