Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail

Considering this for Easter?

First, please consider this:

Futon, destroyed.

Yes, this is a library book.

Lovely black chair from Ikea, apparently tasty.

Magazines, borrowed never to be returned.

At least this part doesn't show when the boot is zipped.

Three consecutive issues of Interweave Knits.

Vintage SciFi book, expensive because of the previously excellent condition.

Not pictured: computer cord chewed through in 2 places, new computer cord already chewed and taped, pee spots on the hardwood floors, and one extremely harrassed cat.

If you're prepared for the destruction and want a rabbit anyhow, good luck and enjoy your bunny! But if your possessions are important to you, think long and hard first. And keeping them caged isn't the answer - would you keep a cat in a cage? (If you answered yes, I hope you don't have pets. Or children for that matter.)

Rabbits aren't for everyone. Animal shelters are full of them. Now you know why.


Anonymous said...

You are a mean buuny hater - I bet YOU chewed all those things and are just trying to blame it on that sweet innocent bunny.

Cute cuddly bunny-wunny - how can you be so cruel????


3goodrats said...

Yes, *I* ate all your Scifi books! It's because you aren't feeding me enough.

Ethan said...

What? You don't think children belong in cages? You must not have any...7 years of teaching and I think it's crazy to not put them in cages!

(Disclaimer: I rarely put children in cages. Handcuffing them to the desks is perfectly acceptable and takes up less space in the classroom.)

(Disclaimer to my disclaimer: Since I'm paranoid about crazy things people read on the Internet that they then mistake for truth and decide to file a lawsuit-this is all sarcasm. Please don't get me fired, or I'll put you in a cage. Handcuffed to a desk. With rabbit fur lined handcuffs.)

Anonymous said...


Do you know the name of "lovely black chair from IKEA"? I have a chair like this, but i don't know the name...
Thank You!

3goodrats said...

Oh gosh, I wish I could remember - we bought the table and chairs as a set but I don't remember what they were called.

Kim said...

We have the same ikea chairs and none of them escape the bunny teeth, they are all redocorated