Monday, March 3, 2008


This can't be right, can it? Can you even see that there is a sock under all those bobbins?

This is my first real intarsia and I'm a bit flummoxed. I checked a few knitting books for instructions, but the intarsia patterns they show are all very clearly defined blocks of color - just squares, really - not an actual picture like you would encounter in a real pattern. There was no mention of patterns with parts where it may be best to carry the yarn instead of starting yet another bobbin, but I'm assuming it's ok. Because that's what I did. This design has several rows wherein there are two colors, alternating every couple of stitches, so I just carried for those parts and then everything became nice and blobby and intarsia-like again and I went back to using a bobbin for each section of color.

Also, my unhelpful books didn't mention how to keep the bobbins straight so you are sure to use the correct one. I have a vague memory of reading something about putting all the bobbins in a bag or a box with little holes all in a row for the yarn to come through, to keep them all in order. This seemed like too much work for just a sock heel. Ha. Not nearly as much work, I suspect, as untangling about 12 bobbins every five minutes. But despite my problems, it has come out quite well.

If nothing else, it is great practice for colorwork. And I'm beginning to suspect that is all it will be is practice. Because as cute as these socks will be...Intarsia? Not such a good idea for sock heels. Every one of those bobbins pictured above represents TWO ends to be woven in, creating a messy, bumpy heel. (I just typed that in as "hell," an apt description of the two hours I spent trying to weave in all 482 yarn ends without distorting the stitches.)

Oh, and also? I will have to do this all again on the second sock.
P.S. Apparently Grumperina shares my love of a fine heel gusset.

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Phoebe said...

(Found this from your Craftster post.)Whoa. I had some inclination to do these socks. Looking at your bobbins, though, I'm more than a little intimidated. Think I'll stick to the lace-patterned socks. By the way, yours came out super cute.