Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ready for Ravelympics!

It's been so long since I picked up my Lace Ribbon Scarf, I forgot how far I had gotten. It was a nice surprise to pull this out of my knitting bag and see that it no longer matched the last picture I had taken. (As an aside, by "knitting bag" I mean plastic bag from the Apple store, which is great for holding projects but not especially cute. I need to work on this.)

This is for the WIP Wrestling event of the Ravelympics, so my challenge is to finish the scarf by the end of the closing ceremonies of the Olympics in Beijing. Of course with a scarf, "finish" can be a rather fluid term. It needs to be able to wrap around my neck but beyond that it's not unheard of to just stop when you're sick of knitting the damn thing. My plan is to use up the yarn, but if the scarf gets too long I won't because I find that I don't like scarves that hang down below my coat like some sort of bizarre front-of-body tail.

I took this picture last night so I can keep track where I started and mark my progress. Prepare to see more progress pictures in the weeks to come as I race to complete my goal!

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Phoebe said...

Yes, Noro is hard on the hands. Yes, it has knots. Yes, it has splinters and other bits in it. Still, who gives a crap when it produces results like that? Love those colors!