Thursday, November 5, 2009

Two pieces done!

It has been close to two months since I've shown you my Heather Hoodie Vest, and I've come a long way since then. I apologize for being so remiss with the updates! I thought I had posted a picture of the finished back, but apparently I only did that in my head.

The large piece is the back, and the small piece is one of the fronts. It looks distressingly skinny, but the stockinette edges are curled under a little, and the front of the sweater will have a pretty wide button band. Also, this is making a very stretchy fabric. It will be so comfy and cozy someday when it is eventually done.

Now that the birthday socks are done I have tons of time to work on this sweater, right? I wish it were so! We are now solidly in Christmas knitting season, and although I am only knitting two Christmas gifts this year (unless I get suddenly overconfident) I need to get off to a running start a couple of weeks ago. Who knows when I may suddenly land my dream job and have to spend all my daytime hours working?

To make it more of a challenge, one of the Christmas projects is a pair of argyle socks. Oh yes, you read that right - argyle socks! I guess the simply ribbed birthday socks weren't quite fancy enough so now I will be forced to learn new techniques. It is crazy, the things we do for love. If you know of a good pattern for man-sized argyle socks that don't involve a seam running down the bottom of the foot, please clue me in. The yarn is on its way from Knitpicks and I need to get prepared.

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