Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shutter Island : a review

Two federal marshals are called to Ashecliffe hospital for the criminally insane - located on one of the Boston Harbor Islands - to help find a missing patient. Though she is found right away, they are stuck there because of a hurricane. Soon they begin to learn strange things about the facility and it’s radical treatment of patients. Things are not what they seem, and that is pretty much all I will say about that. The plot of this book is the sort it is best to say little about.

There were a few parts that seemed a little contrived, yet I stayed glued to this book. It was super creepy. Well, I suppose the idea of being stuck on an island in a hurricane with a bunch of dangerous insane criminals is bound to be creepy. It’s not high literature by any means, but it was great indulgent fun.

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