Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Knitting

It took me less than two weeks to make the first Slipped Stitch Rib sock. Such a quick pattern!

It was only after I began that I realized I've made them before. They're super easy! It's just a variation on k3, p3 where in every other row you slip the middle k and the middle p.

This is a gorgeous colorway of KnitPicks Stroll that a friend gave me for Christmas. What a lovely break from the all the blacks and greys I've been knitting lately! But still practical, since so much of my clothing is blue and purple and these will match pretty much anything I wear.

Are you getting a little weary of all the socks I'm knitting? Me too. That's why I'm starting a new sweater this week! I'll tell you all about it next weekend.

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