Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Honeymoon Over

No, this isn't about the Honeymoon Cami, an ill-advised project I started and abandoned long ago, though that is a great example of what I am writing about.

When I began knitting, there was literally a world of projects before me, everything was appealing, and I wanted to knit it all. Through trial and error I have learned to be more discriminating when choosing patterns to knit. Although I am now slightly less enchanted at every new issue of Knitty or IK, knowing that I won't make most of it, I have better results because I know what to choose. I used to get overwhelmed by all the new patterns, and not know where to start, but now I just enjoy looking at the pretty pictures.

Here are some things I have learned:

- Not to be a guinea pig. I wait to see others' results before embarking on any project.
- Bulky yarns may knit up quickly, but with few exceptions I probably won't wear the result.
- Wide boatnecks are impractical and pointless. This eliminates most sweater patterns designed these days, but no way am I going to walk around with my bra straps hanging out.
- If I would pass it by in a store, I probably shouldn't invest the time and money in knitting it.
- You really can have too many scarves.
- Ditto for hats.
- No matter how cute those tops are, I simply will not wear yarn in the summer.
- I dislike working with mohair.
- If I've never worn a shrug/shawl/whatever, a nice pattern is no reason to think I'll wear one now.
- If the pattern doesn't list a gauge and/or finished measurements, beware!
- Just because it looks fantastic on the model doesn't mean it will look good on me.
- Most objects really don't need cozies.
- Ditto for pets and sweaters. I'm opposed to animal cruelty.

Is your knitting honeymoon over? What have you learned about how to choose patterns?

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Anonymous said...

thanks for making me laugh! -a-b-s-