Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hope is sometimes elusive

It's difficult to maintain enthusiasm in your profession when, on a given day, the most pressing concern of the people you serve is the whereabouts of the flyers from the Sunday paper.

I know it's not for me to judge how people use the library, and that I should be thankful that they walk through the doors at all, but when that happens I always have an overwhelming urge to tell them that if they want the flyers they should go buy their own damn papers.

Nothing else that patrons ask for annoys me nearly this much. Clearly, I have a personal issue. Or maybe it's just that they get angry about this, but not because the air conditioning is broken and the stairway smells like sewage and the walls are literally crumbling. Apparently none of that is as important as knowing what's on sale at Kmart this week.


Anonymous said...

This so makes me laugh! :-)

Kevin said...

Why do you hate America?