Wednesday, June 25, 2008

When Librarians Attack

If you subscribe to Publib I'm sure you've noticed the hateful, nasty, bordering-on-violent discussions that have been clogging your inbox for the past several days. Seeming innocent questions on topics such as helping teenagers find books and how to communicate and enforce rules for internet use have resulted in name-calling, accusations, and insults. Why all the cranky? I have some ideas.

Top Ten Reasons Why Librarians Are So Cranky Right Now:

1. Older librarians can't afford to retire and younger librarians blame them for staying in their job so we can't have them.

2. Our pay is stagnant while our bills keep increasing.

3. School has let out for the summer.

4. Although we feel quite young, we are already too old to take part in ALA's Emerging Leaders Program.

5. It's the end of the fiscal year and we dread what the new budget will bring (or take away.)

6. Our coworkers have been in their jobs for way too long (see #1) and their crankiness is contagious.

7. We keep hearing that we are obsolete.

8. We really can get better answers to reference questions using Google and hate to admit it.

9. You keep asking us for things that don't exist and then get angry when we can't provide them for you right this minute.

10. You won't turn off your damn cell phone.

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