Monday, January 26, 2009

Decadence Neckwarmer

Here's a nice little thing.

This almost ended up as a cowl, but I couldn't bear to leave out the buttons I had already bought. I love the buttons a whole lot. Take a closer look:

Don't you love them too?

I have another skein of this yarn, and I'm trying to decide what to do with it. I was going to make mittens, but now I'm thinking maybe a hat. Hopefully I'll have a matching something-or-other before the winter is over.

In case you're interested in making something similar, here are my instructions. Enjoy!

Decadence Neckwarmer

Materials: Knitpicks Decadence, 1 skein; size 9 needles
Gauge: 7sts/inch in Basket Cable stitch pattern (note: this is a very dense stitch pattern; the recommended gauge for this yarn is more like 3-4sts/inch)
Finished dimensions: 5" wide, 22.5" long, after blocking
Stitch pattern: Basket Cable pattern is from Barbara Walker's Treasury of Knitting patterns and is done over a multiple of 8 sts plus 4.

Cast on 36 stitches
Knit 2 rows

Start Basket Cable pattern:

Rows 1,3, and 5 (Wrong side) - K2, purl to last 2 sts, K2
Rows 2 and 4 - Knit
Row 6 - K2, * sl next 4 sts to cable needle and hold in back, K4, then K4 from cable needle; rep from *, end K2
Rows 7, 9, and 11 - K2, purl to last 2 sts, K2
Rows 8 and 10 - Knit
Row 12 - K6, *sl next 4 sts to cable needle and hold in front, k4, then k4 from cable needle; rep from *, end K6.

Repeat rows 1-12.

I kept going until the neckwarmer fit around my neck and overlapped by a few inches - it all depends how much you want to hang down, but keep going until you get almost to where you want the buttonholes. I ended on a row 12 of the stitch pattern.

Next row: k2, purl to end, k2
Next row: Knit
Next row: k2, purl to end, k2

Buttonhole row: Knit 10 stitches.
Create buttonhole: Bring yarn to front and slip a stitch purlwise. Bring yarn to back of work. *Slip next stitch from left needle. Pass first slipped stitch over it; repeat from * twice more. Slip last bound-off stitch to the left needle and turn work. Using the cable cast-on with yarn at back, cast on 4 stitches as follows: *Insert right needle between first and second stitches on left needles, draw up a loop, place loop on left needle; repeat from * 3 times more. Turn work. Slip first stitch with yarn in back from left needle to right and pass the extra cast-on stitch over it.

Knit to where next buttonhole should be (I had 10 stitches between them) and repeat buttonhole instructions. Knit last 10 stitches to finish the row.

Knit 5 rows of stockinette, starting and ending each purl row with k2.

BO as follows: *K2tog, pass first stitch over, repeat from * to end. This will reduce the amount of flare at that end.

Add buttons: I did this by standing in front of a mirror, wrapping the neckwarmer around my neck and marking the button placement by slipping a stitch marker through the buttonhole into the fabric below to mark each spot. Sew on buttons.

Stay warm!

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Beth said...

I love this Basket Cable pattern. So So beautiful. It looks absolutely lovely and I bet is is just devine to wear!!!! Thank you so much for posting this!! btw, have you hear of Awesome community of knitters and crocheters too!!!