Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In case you've been wondering about the status of this sweater...

It is time to admit that I won't be wearing the Marseilles Pullover this winter.

It's coming along though. I just bound off for the armholes and began doing the decreases, so it's all smooth sailing from here! (Or so I tell myself.) I'm extremely grateful that the sleeves are just ribbed.

I'm worried about the fit, and the amount of blocking it takes to make the pieces the right size. The fabric is stretched rather thinly on the blocked piece, probably more so than intended, but I think I like that the resulting fabric is rather thin. I realized this winter that most of my handmade sweaters are just too warm to wear anywhere outside of my house because it seems that every other building I enter is ridiculously overheated (and in such lean economic times!) There have been many times that I wished this sweater was done so I could wear it, which must be a good sign.

A few weeks ago when I received the Spring issue of IK, I unveiled a grand plan to go ahead and start casting on for other projects without restraint. Despite my zeal, that hasn't happened. The project I was the most excited about was the Lucy in the Sky cardigan, which apparently will require the exact needles I'm currently using for the Marseilles. Of course my plan was to make Coraline first anyhow, until I couldn't find yarn for it, but now it seems that my yarn is on its way from Knitpicks. So soon I will begin yet another purple sweater. This will be my third purple handmade sweater, but who's counting?

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