Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blocking Marseilles

A couple of pieces of it anyway. I have discussed the magic of blocking before, but it makes me so happy I wish to show you it again.

The front and back are knit up exactly the same, so we are comparing apples to apples here. As should be obvious, the one on the right is the blocked piece and the bumpy shriveled-looking (though sun-dappled!) one on the left had not yet been blocked. A couple of days later, and they are both pretty much the same size. Magic! (It has been too dreary to take post-blocking photos so you will have to imagine this magic.)

You may notice that both pieces still have live stitches at the top. In this pattern, the instructions say to put just the shoulder stitches on stitch holders and bind off the neck. Then you attach the front and back shoulder stitches in a 3-needle bind-off. But it seems that the numbers they give you for the shoulders and neck create a really wide neckline and I'm not interested in a strap-revealing Flashdance-style top (sexy though it might be). I will instead attach and bind off starting from each shoulder edge until I decide the neck is narrow enough, and then just bind off the remaining neck stitches.

Last night I began this process but got distracted, probably by something shiny, and didn't go back to it. I should be able to finish in the next day or so. Also, I have started a sleeve! And let me tell you, the p4 k1 rib goes MUCH faster than the heavily cabled body of the sweater. I may actually finish this sweater before summer.

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