Friday, July 24, 2009

More cardigan

I planned to show you pictures of the knitting needle case I sewed for my friend Annmarie's birthday but it appears that I did not, in fact, take pictures of it before giving* it to her. I can't even ask her to take pictures for me as she is busy working on the crew of the Komen Breast Cancer 3-day this weekend (to which you should totally donate, by the way.) That project will have to wait for another day. But trust me, it's cute!

Instead I will show you my sleeve.

Isn't it sleevy? You might even call it sleevelicious.

It is basically a gray stockinette tube with a wee bit of seed stitch on the end. I'm sure it is hard to contain your excitement right now, especially since it's mid-July and the thought of a long-sleeved wool garment is probably extremely appealing. But I'm kind of excited, because at this rate I may actually have a new cardigan by the time it is seasonally appropriate to wear one. Which should not be until November, given how late our summer started, right?

(*That's right, I didn't "gift" it to her, I gave it to her. Just sayin'.)

(Also, I just looked at the word "gave" for so long it started looking wrong, and I had to look it up to make sure it was a word. Wtf?)

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