Saturday, June 12, 2010

A miracle has occurred!

Somehow, while watching an hour-long webinar on copyright issues, I managed to weave in all 647 ends on my sweater, wash it, and block it. Behold!

I apologize for the crappy photos. It's in one of the darkest rooms of the house and the sun hasn't been cooperating at all recently.

Maybe it’s not technically blocking as I didn’t pin it out. But I think, based on the Yarn Harlot’s recent post and my own sneaking suspicions, that the first time you wash a knitted garment it is by definition being blocked.

Anyhow, I cannot wait to pack this stupid sweater away for the summer. But sometime before I do that, there will be action photos!


Annmarie said...

It is beautiful! You will be so excited when you take it out in the fall and have a sparkly new sweater :)

Amy said...

Did you really count all the ends? That's the part I hate the most...weaving in the ends! I love the sweater and the color!

3goodrats said...

No, it was just an estimate. I hate weaving in ends too, which is probably why it seemed like there were over 600 of them!

Thanks for the nice comments - hopefully I'll have some final pictures soon!