Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bramble Stitch Shawl

After eight months of on-again off-again knitting, I have finally finished my very first shawl.

Pattern: Bramble Stitch Lacy Shawl from The Knitter's Bible: Knitted Accessories, a gift from my friend the Cable Girl
Yarn: Farmhouse Yarn's Bo Peep's Sock Yarn
Needles: Size 11
Started way back in March of 2010 and just finished on January 17th. Yikes.

I'm not really a shawl person but thought it might be nice to have one for when I need a little something extra around my shoulders. It's better than dragging an afghan around the house. In the book they used larger needles and thinner yarn for a more wispy effect which looks quite lovely.

I bought this yarn ages ago for socks, but despite the name it's really more of a sport weight yarn. I do like Farmhouse Yarns though - my Wanida Socks are made from their Fannie's Fingering Weight and have had nary a hole after lots of wear.

This is actually a very easy pattern, which is one of the reasons why I chose it. It's easy to memorize and can be worked on while watching tv or socializing. You start at the point and increase each row so that the rows get longer and longer as you go, creating a triangle shape. My triangle has kind of swoopy-shaped sides.

Laying knitted items on the snow always looks so artful on other knitting blogs.

Perhaps better blocking could have helped the shape, but my blocking area wasn't big enough. Someday maybe I'll try again because I'd like it to be slightly larger if possible. At any rate, I'm satisfied with how it turned out and really glad that it's done!

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