Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Knitting

Last week I mentioned that I was knitting some accessories. It really is making me feel better about the unfortunate cardigan debacle.

My bus knitting has been the Gaptastic Cowl, in a lovely shade of purple.

Accompanying the cowl is the Squall Hat - which I've finished but not photographed - and the Squall Mittens, in progress.

This is the second mitten, so I'm almost done with this whole set!

As I'm sure many knitters understand, I have about 47 hand-knit scarves, cowls, hats, mittens, and gloves (both fingerless and not) and not a matching set among them. Oh, I have a cowl and mittens that match each other, but they don't go with any of my hats, and another cowl and a hat that match, but with no accompanying mittens. I can't ever find patterns for all of these things that work together, at least not all at one time before I go to the yarn store.

But recently I was reading Glenna C.'s blog and saw her lovely Squall set just when it was exactly what I wanted. When I went over to Ravelry to look it up there I stumbled upon the Gaptastic Cowl (I think it was one of the "hot right now" patterns) and since all of these items called for the same weight yarn I immediately ran out to Windsor Button and bought a bunch of Lamb's Pride.

The problem, of course, with knitting an entire set is that it can be too matchy-matchy. I had the brilliant idea to buy some variegated and then one solid matching shade. Of course it would be too easy if there were solid shades matching those in the variegated, wouldn't it? But there was a purple shade that I thought looked nice enough with the variegated even if that exact shade wasn't in it. Considering how frequently I wear accessories that are completely mismatched, even being in the same color family is closer than I usually get.

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