Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Knitting

I just want to show you the beginning of the lace panel on my Humboldt Raglan.

I apologize for the photo quality and the fact that you can't actually see the lace very well. It's the best I can do, given that I'm supposed to be cooking brunch for my book group right now.

One of the reasons I liked this sweater in the first place is that there's enough lace to make it interesting, but not enough to screw it up. It's a 10-stitch repeat which you do only 3 times. Easy enough!

This is great knitting for movie-watching actually. The lace is just a tiny part of each row and the rest is all stockinette so I barely need to look. Considering the tiny gauge, it's moving along at an unexpectedly quick pace.

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