Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Upcoming: War and Peace

Recently I made a list of classics I want to read, including War and Peace, which I've been vaguely wanting to read since college. It was only in the course of making this list that I found a fall class on it at a local adult ed program. It's nothing short of a miracle when there's a class I'm interested in that's not during the day or on an evening that I work. Clearly, this was a sign, so I took the plunge and signed up. And then I convinced two of my friends to also sign up! Because we are all nerds! The first class was originally scheduled for this week, when I'm out of town, but in another miraculous development, it has been delayed by a week so I won't miss a thing. Obviously it was meant to be.

As you may already know, War and Peace is quite lengthy and complicated. This is an 8-week class so I'll be reading it rather slowly and thoroughly, and I'm thinking of making it into a whole series of blog posts as other bloggers sometimes do. They usually do it as a read-along, so if any of you want to read War and Peace along with me, that would be most welcome.

Hopefully the blog won't get too boring for those of you less inclined towards Tolstoy. Giving the number of pages we'll likely be reading per week, I'm planning to read other books concurrently. Short, easy books. This may be a great time to catch up on young adult novels.


Michelle said...

I think I read this book in high school but I read it so fast that I forgot all but one scene and I'm no longer sure it's actually from this book. Maybe I'll start remembering it from your posts?

3goodrats said...

Hopefully I can jog your memory!