Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors

Top Ten Tuesdays are hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish. Today's topic is Top Ten of Your Auto-Buy Authors. I rarely buy books, so just assume that here "auto-buy" actually means "automatically get on hold for a library copy."

It's tough because some of these authors haven't published much, or are new, or may not be publishing anymore (John Green? Hello?) So I'm thinking about it more as a list of authors that I will automatically read whatever they publish next. I don't think I have more than 10 of these total.

1. Sam Savage: I actually do buy his books because they are so short and so good I am likely to read them again.
2. Elizabeth McCracken: Everything she writes is just so perfect. If I could be an author, I'd want to be Elizabeth McCracken.
3. Chris Bohjalian: I've been reading him faithfully since Midwives.
4. Sarah Waters: She doesn't publish frequently and there's still one I haven't read, but despite my semi-disappointment in The Paying Guests I will definitely read whatever is next.
5. Donna Tartt: Only publishes about every ten years, but I'll be there waiting.
6. Jennifer Weiner: We hit a rough patch there with The Next Best Thing so I didn't rush out and read All Fall Down, but when I did finally pick it up it was great! So now I'm really looking forward to her new book.
7. Geraldine Brooks: Like Sarah Waters, there's still one I haven't read, but I'm about to start a galley of one that's not published yet, so I think that makes up for it.
8. A. S. King: One of the most sophisticated YA authors out there. Look out for her forthcoming novel I Crawl Through It this fall. It's kind of amazing (post to come soon!)
9. Rainbow Rowell: How I wish her books existed when I was in high school.
10. John Green: I've read them all and he seems to be focusing more on his vlog (with his adorable brother Hank) and movies. I'm just listing him here in hopes that he will actually publish more books someday.

Which authors do you automatically read every time they have a new book?

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