Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Look at the skirt I made!

Listen up, I am becoming one with my sewing machine! Not only did I just make an actual wearable garment for the first time,* but in the process I actually had to dismantle my sewing machine and clean the feed dogs and shuttle race. I didn't even know I owned such things. Also, I adjusted the bobbin tension which I hadn't realized was possible, but which has made the sewing go far more smoothly.

But enough about my tribulations and learning experiences. Here is my new pretty skirt!

This is the Easy Breezy Wrap Skirt from Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp. The fabric is that thin cotton that wrinkles every time you look at it, but seems to be the fabric that is most available everywhere, especially in cute patterns such as these yellow and white flowers.

I like it more than I thought I would. It's a little challenging to wear though, because of the ties on the front. When I figure out a way to tie it that's flattering and less awkward it will help. I've got a couple of shirts that would look really nice with this colorwise - one is green and one is turquoise - but they are longish and tight enough that the ties would bunch up underneath and look weird. But I do prefer wearing colors with this rather than white which just feels lame and uninteresting to me.

Also, because of how thing the fabric is, a slip is required. Since I don't yet own a white slip I've worn it with a pair of white spandex shorts underneath. It seems to do the trick.

The best part of this project? No zipper, no buttonholes! Not only does that make the project easy, but it doesn't require buying matching notions. You can just whip one up with whatever fabric you have hanging around. I've already started another one in pink and black.

*First time without supervision anyhow. In high school Home Ec class I made a shapeless tunic-like shirt, and not long after that my sister helped me make a dress.


goodsongirl said...

Hey! I'm doing this skirt right now, and I've hit a wall on step 15, I've emailed the make studio but haven't gotten a reply yet - I was wondering if you could help. I don't understand what strap I'm supposed to be using, am I connecting anything?

3goodrats said...

Wow, it's been a while but I think I can explain. At that point you're working on the part of the waistband where there needs to be a hole through which you pull the tie through. Steps 15-17 are how you make that hole. There are 4 dots going across the short end - you are stitching from each edge to the nearest dot, and stitching between the two middle dots. This leaves two spaces that aren't sewed - between the first and second dot, and between the 3rd and fourth dot. (There's a smal picture on the top left of the page.) Once you've done this, you fold the piece in half lengthwise so there's only one hole (it's just in two layers.) I hope that's helpful! Understanding sewing instructions can be maddening.

goodsongirl said...

what is the short end? sorry if that's an obvious question

3goodrats said...

Nothing is obvious in sewing. You're working on a very long piece so I just mean that the dots are going across the end and not the length. If you look at the pattern pieces for the waistband/ties you should find that one of the pieces has 4 dots along the end and the other one doesn't.

Have you tried looking on I bet someone has made this and posted lots of photos. Sometimes that can help! Good luck!

goodsongirl said...

I understand what I did now, back on step 14, I went ahead and sewed the left band to the middle band! Thanks so much for your help! It made me refocus.

3goodrats said...

You're welcome- I'm glad you're back on track!