Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thing 13: Google Docs, Dropbox, and Wikis

This week in cpd23 we are looking at online collaboration tools. Fun!

Google Docs

I use this at work for backing up my documents. It's easy to use, though I feel a little weird about using a personal account for work stuff. But opening another gmail account would mean having to log out from one and into another which is a huge pain. Anyhow it has come in handy when I've been at home and had nagging questions about how much of my budget for travel books I've spent. Not that I think about collection development at home. Ahem.

I don't use it for sharing as I don't do anything that requires sharing documents with other people, but I'm sure it's handy? I guess?

It sounds basically the same as Google Docs except that you have to download and install something and I don't want to do that or sign up for anything else right now. Again, I'm sure it has its uses if you need to work collaboratively.


At my last library I worked in the Tech Services department a lot and they had an extensive wiki with all the information on how to process each type of item, including codes, call numbers, and labeling/stickers. It was incredibly useful!

I wish wikis were more utilized. They would be incredibly useful for any reference department as well - policies, procedures, updates, notes on problems with equipment and the status on fixing it, and all the other quirky things we need to remember could all be saved in the same place and everyone could access it. SO much more helpful than the messy system of binders and paper-clipped notes junking up most reference desks.

Are you all totally sick of the 23 Things posts? I know I am, but I'm sticking it out cuz that's the way I roll. Only 10 more Things to go!

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