Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thing 18

One last post before I head off to NELA tomorrow.

Thing 18 is about screen capture tools and podcasting.


Jing is software that allows you to take screenshots and annotate them or make short videos. This is probably very useful for situations like creating computer instruction. In fact, the example on the "how it's used" portion of the website is a librarian creating a tutorial on how to use the library catalog. There's a 5-minute limit on videos but I'm sure that's enough for anything you'd need in a library (and probably about as long as most people's attention spans.)

It seems very straightforward and easy to use. I didn't download the software because I don't have a current use for it, but I'm glad to know about it in case I ever have to make instructions for something.


Back when I first got my iPod I used to subscribe to some news podcasts, in hopes that I could learn something while walking to work. I had the same problem as I have with audiobooks - my mind would wander and I would realize I had completely missed what I was listening to. I'm much more a visual person than audio but I've been thinking of looking for good podcasts that don't require a lot of focus to listen to while knitting. Any suggestions? 

The Thing recommends the Podwhating course on how to create podcasts, which I'm interested in trying out sometime after cpd23 is over. I like the IDEA of making a podcast, but I don't have an idea for one. And do people still even listen to podcasts? When video is so easy to make and widely available, why just listen to something when you can also watch?

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Audrey Beth Stein said...

Why just listen to something when you can also watch? Because I already stare at a screen for too long! Seriously, I often enjoy listening to something while I am doing physical activities around my apartment like baking or putting away laundry. I tend to choose This American Life.