Friday, June 24, 2011

23 Things for Professional Development

Recently I saw a post from booksNyarn about 23 Things for Professional Development. I am always looking for professional development opportunities and although I try to read about it on my own, I am better with structure. This will give me specific topics to write about and an opportunity to learn new things. Hooray for learning! Thing 1 is Blogs and Blogging: “Write a post about why you're taking part in the course.”

If you’ve been reading this blog since I started it in 2007, you may remember that it began as a Thing from 23 Learning 2.0 Things. One of the original purposes of my blog was to discuss professional issues but I have been lax recently. For the past two years, my professional life has consisted of being laid off, job hunting, and working an unsatisfying non-professional job. There are certainly topics I could have written about, but to be honest living it has been more than enough.

But now all that has changed. I have finally secured gainful employment again and my professional focus can return to more typical topics and issues. My new job as an Adult Services Librarian in a public library will involve a wide range of activities and subject matter. Anything can happen at the reference desk and one of the things I enjoy most about that sort of work is the sheer variety of topics I come in touch with on any given day. I’ll be doing collection development in several areas, as well as readers advisory, social networking, community outreach…well, lots of stuff! I’m sure many of the Things covered in this program will be relevant so I’m just looking forward to learning everything I can.

I know that my readers aren’t all librarians, but I hope I will touch on topics that are helpful to you as well – some examples of the upcoming topics are personal branding, mentoring, professional advocacy and publishing, as well as a variety of online applications for social networking, document storage, podcasts and other fun things.

I’m off to a bit of a late start, but hopefully I’ll catch up soon!

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Joann Ransom said...

I am glad I clicked through from your outrageous blog title! Looking forward to reading more on your blog.

Cheers Jo.