Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday Knitting

I have finished a thing! A pair of things!

And here's a close up (with a bit of dog hair, sorry.)

This is my first sunday knitting post since January when I finished my last pair of socks. I'm not even sure when I started these because I neglected to add the project in Ravelry (which I sadly have not been using, and I really need to rectify this), but I assume it was not long after finishing the last pair.

The pattern is from Sensational Knitted Socks. The yarn I think is Rowan Fine Art, at least that's one of the 3 yarn labels I found in my project bag. (The others are Regia which I'm pretty sure this isn't, and the Kettle Dyed yarn I bought in PA in the colorway Buggy Top, which I distinctly remember being grey.)

I think I mentioned at one point that I cut back on knitting and yoga months ago because of wrist pain, and I only started doing both again fairly recently. I also hadn't been watching much TV because TV and knitting go hand in hand for me, so I started both again at the same time. I've started watching Doctor Who again, which I gave up after a few Peter Capaldi episodes, but now I'm (re)committed to it.

Next up, I reeeally need to rip back my East Neuk Hoodie to, oh, about the spot it was at in this photo, and a little more actually, because I think I should have attached the pocket earlier. I don't even remember how far past that point I got because it's literally been months since I've looked at it. I'd love to just ignore it and start another pair of socks, but I feel strongly that I need to deal with this mess before moving on. Wish me luck.


Lindsay said...

They look fabulous! I love the color. My knitting has really taken a backseat the past several months too. I started a Newt Scamander Hufflepuff scarf a friend asked me to make way back in maybe December and only have about 18 inches done. And I splurged on fancy yarn from Tanis Fiber Arts to make the So Faded sweater a few months ago and only got so far as winding one skein of yarn into a ball! I'm with you on TV and knitting as well -- things are just piling up on the DVR!

3goodrats said...

I'm hoping that fall will spur me into more action on this front. Yarn is so much more inviting when it's cold out!