Thursday, August 12, 2010

New sweater project

It is short-sleeved and has such a low v-neck there is practically no front, but I say it still counts as a sweater.

Isn't that a lovely color? That's totally not the color it is. For some reason, the magic of photography - ok, the magic of setting my camera to automatic mode - can't seem to capture the true color of this yarn when in sunlight. It's much darker, the color more accurately represented by this crappy out-of-focus photo:

I found this free pattern through a Ravelry search. It's from someone's blog so it's pretty informal as patterns go, and only includes one size. Happily, it is my size! (But it's a simple pattern, which I'm sure could be easily resized.) It calls for DK yarn knit on relatively large needles to create an open fabric. So far I love knitting with the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK I purchased at Windsor Button. The fabric is delightfully soft and stretchy. As usual I'm concerned about my gauge, but I tried on the sweater-in-progress and it seems to fit.

As I mentioned, this garment will be short-sleeved with a very open front, and is rather fitted, a combination that makes me a bit nervous. Hopefully I won't look all hoochie-mama in it.

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