Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My knitting life...

…is full of stockinette stitch right now. Talk about poor planning! Not only is it boring to knit but it isn’t even blog-worthy. The two major projects I’m working on are the pullover that I messed up and re-started, which you’ve already seen plenty of, and a pair of stockinette socks that you’ve also already seen. I finished the heel on the first sock, but that’s nothing to write home about.

Even the projects I’ve stalled on are kind of boring. The Whisper Cardigan too is stockinette. The shawl isn’t but it’s still a very simple pattern that, even had I made some progress, isn’t much to look at.

It’s almost enough to make me cast on for something cabled or fair isle. Almost. But I’m determined to finish at least one of my current projects before doing so.

One accomplishment is that I’ve finally darned all those holey socks that have been sitting around since spring waiting for repair. I’m getting pretty good at darning, if I do say so myself. It helps if you do it while the holes are still small.

Now, I need to finish up some of my current projects so I can start something more complicated and interesting!


Annmarie said...

Those are some pretty "darn" socks (sorry, couldn't resist). But seriously, what pattern is that? And yarn? They are gorgeous!

3goodrats said...

They are Pomatamus by Cookie A. from the Winter 05 issue of Knitty. They are knit cuff down and are a bit challenging, but worth it. You should totally make a pair!

Annmarie said...

This weekend is the Windsor Yarn sale, i was considering investing in a nice skein of sock yarn for a post-Christmas challenge, these might be them, they are lovely!