Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Knitting

I've begun working on a wrap made with lace weight yarn and a series of yarn overs and dropped stitches. This may sound like a disaster waiting to happen but it should turn out something like this (though not, obviously, yellow.)

After knitting it will be felted, which makes all measurements imprecise. The pattern doesn't even include a gauge, which concerns me because although the wrap doesn't need to fit exactly, I would like it to come out the size in the picture. But alas, there are no measurements of any sort given. Thankfully, I have faith in the magic of both felting and blocking and I'm confident that I can force the thing into submission.

I've always kind of wanted a Matrix-style sweater and this may satisfy that urchin/dystopia need. I expect it to move along at an absolutely glacial pace though, so I may not actually have it done until the apocalypse, at which point it should be the height of fashion.

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