Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Knitting

And so completes my knitting/darning goal to be reached by fall. The socks that needed repair have all been darned, and now all the yarn I bought in the spring has become socks. I was holding out on wearing socks until these were done, but after the events of Friday night (a cold and rainy evening from which my ballet flats may never recover) I caved yesterday and wore some damn socks. And the world didn't end, and I still finished my final sock just hours later. They're nice. I like them.

This is the Ribbed Lace Socks pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks, the only sock book I apparently ever need. The yarn is my new favorite, Cascade Heritage, in a color reminiscent of the ocean as viewed from a lobster boat in Maine when it is cold and choppy and somewhat miserable out. I have no idea where that childhood memory just came from. But that's the definitely the color.

I have practically no projects now. Oh sure, there's that "Mottled Rib Sweater" that keeps mocking me from the sidebar, but the reality of that is that it's in a bag tucked away in a hutch upstairs because I don't know if I'm knitting the right size and I've apparently forgotten how to figure out for sure. The first Jack-in-the-Box mitten is almost done but to be honest, it's off-white and that's boring so I've lost interest for the moment.

During a bright spot today I cast on for a purple shawl and knit around 14 rows before I realized that I only had 2 balls of yarn and the pattern requires at least 3. I can't for the life of me figure out why I'd buy 850 yards of yarn for a shawl that clearly requires 1250 yards so I convinced myself there must be another ball around and just went through my entire stash. There is no third ball. What I am going to do with 850 yds of purple lace weight yarn? Also, why I don't I have 400 yards of worsted weight yarn in my stash for the cowl pattern I just saw in Interweave Knits and am dying to cast on for? All my leftover yarn appears to be sock yarn, but I'm certain I've knit projects with other kinds of yarn and didn't use every last inch of it.

Well, believe you me I will figure out something I can make with yarn that is in my house and I will cast on for something I can show you next week.

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