Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Knitting

I give up. Everything about Pianissimo is wrong. It's so wrong, and I'm so annoyed about it, I can't even get a decent picture.

Look at it just sitting there, being all the wrong measurements.

It's supposed to be both longer and wider than it is, and no amount of coaxing has helped to get it there. I did manage to stab myself pretty hard with a pin, just to reinforce the pain of this failed project.

The thing is, I did everything right. Before beginning, I made a swatch and washed and blocked it to determine which needles would get me the correct gauge. I measured each part as I went along - and I was sure to take it off the needles to do so, to ensure the accuracy of my measurements. Given all of this careful planning, when I finished it should have all added up to the correct length, because that is how math works. It is not, however, how knitting works.

I knew this pattern was going to be a problem. There are so many different pieces, no way to try them on as you go, and the pattern is something like 18 pages long. (Oh, and there are no page numbers, just to make it more fun.) The first part I knit was the bottom trim, and it looked nothing like the picture in the pattern. I should have stopped right there.

This yarn is really lovely so I'll have to find another use for it (with or without the part I've already used. I'm not sure if I'll able to salvage it if I try to rip it out.)

In the meantime, socks. Good old socks. I can always depend on you.

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