Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Non-book Websites I Love

Top Ten Tuesdays are hosted at The Broke and the Bookish. Today's topic is Top Ten Websites I Love That Aren't About Books, which sounded like fun until I started to really think about it. The fact is that I don't have many sites I read regularly that I really like that aren't about books. I apparently have no other interests besides reading. So I don't have ten, or even five. It's a little sad. So sad that I won't even number them.

The Bloggess
Jenny Lawson is hilarious and always makes me feel better. She has been very open about her mental illnesses in her books and often posts reminders that depression lies and that it's ok to be weird and different. She relates bizarre situations she gets into, hilarious arguments with her husband, and adorable pictures of her pets, which all have very cool names. She also has a giant metal chicken named Beyonce, so.

It's an election year here in the US, and that means people are saying some crazy shit. More so than usual, even. Regular people do not have time to research every claim, but luckily there are others who will do that for us. Also see: Factcheck.org, and snopes is also great for dispelling internet rumors.

Smitten Kitchen
I hate to cook, but I really love food and pretty pictures of food. Whenever I am looking for ideas for something to cook, I start here. I've made some tasty stuff from these recipes.

I guess that's basically it? I look at other sites, but I don't consistently love them or find them useful. I don't even have a favorite news source, because I think most of them are kind of awful, and anyhow I'm becoming inclined to go live under a rock and avoid news of the world.

So, what amazing websites am I missing?


Anonymous said...

I read literally all of those. Smitten Kitchen has such lovely photos but I find her recipes a little intimidating to think about actually making. I'm a very basic cook.

3goodrats said...

I think I've only made Smitten Kitchen recipes when I was having company and needed something impressive, but even then I choose pretty carefully based on how difficult they look. Cooking anything remotely fancy is pretty intimidating to me too!

Lindsay said...

I didn't even do this week's topic because I couldn't come up with enough websites, though I'm hoping to get some inspiration from browsing other people's lists. I used to look at Smitten Kitchen all the time but haven't lately. Have you ever made her Best Cocoa Brownies? If not, try them! It's my go-to brownie recipe. I'm actually making them for dessert tonight! ;)

3goodrats said...

I haven't made those brownies. I'll try to remember that for the future!