Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Quick Review: Cocktails for Drinkers

Cocktails for Drinkers: Not-Even-Remotely-Artisanal, Three-Ingredient-or-Less Cocktails That Get To the Point by Jennifer McCartney (2016)

This isn't a real review because I didn't read this entire book, but I want to recommend it anyhow. It's exactly what it says it is - easy-to-make cocktails, arranged by type of alcohol. But the title doesn't warn you about the humor, and that's what makes it so special.

Here's a sampling:

The author does not hide her distaste for eggnog in the introduction to that recipe, and it is followed by: "Mix the ingredients together and top with grated nutmeg. Or, honestly, just drink a beer."

The Paloma recipe (tequila, Fresca, lime wedge) advises, "Drink up, fancy-pants. You're basically Kate Middleton."

"Margaritas taste like a vacation. Drink one for lunch at your cubicle with your sad desk salad and see how much better you feel."

Whiskey Soda recipe (whiskey, soda) followed by: "Drink until you get nostalgic about your life-changing trip to Scotland or Ireland when you were twenty-two, or until you're asked to leave the house party."

White Russian (vodka, Kahlua, light cream): "Everyone from Vladimir Putin to your landlady loves these. Whether you're horseback riding shirtless or hanging out on your front stoop slathered in suntan oil while painting your toenails, this is your drink."

I only read a couple of chapters and skimmed a bit more - one can only read so many cocktail recipes in a row after all - but the commentary was such a delightful I surprise I had to share it. That's what you don't get from just looking up cocktail recipes on the internet. I can't think of anything more fun to read through while enjoying a cocktail (or three.)

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