Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday Knitting

Remember that sweater I started way back in the spring? Maybe not because I also barely remember it and I am the one making it. I haven't been knitting AT ALL recently for various reasons: my dog really enjoys supervising and she is what you would call a micromanager; I've been more interested in reading than watching shows and I can't read and knit at the same time; I started meditating and also running, which are two more things I'm cramming into my days. Also, I am recently obsessed with hand-lettering, which seems to be an offshoot of bullet-journaling, and now am trying to find a few minutes every day for lettering/doodling/drawing.

Anyhow, this fall I went on an annual family vacation and took my knitting with me and actually got something done!

The pocket is a little bit wonky, I fear, but it is HARD to figure out exactly where to join the top. You don't want to stretch it or leave it too loose, but finding just the right spot seems almost impossible. And there's no way to fix it later so you're kind of stuck. Anyhow I am convinced it will be ok. It's hard to tell from the photo, but I'm a couple of inches past the top of the pocket. I knit an inch or so on vacation and when I returned I wanted to keep up the momentum so one afternoon I put on some Netflix and took my chances with the dog. She sniffed a little and quickly lost interest, and hopefully that disinterest will be maintained. 

It's been difficult finding the time for this. So many things have fallen by the wayside now that we have a dog, and I also just can't maintain many hobbies and interests all at once. Work has been super busy which means I don't have reading time during my lunch break (because I don't take real lunch breaks, or I use them to do errands), and sometimes I'm too tired for certain things once I get home, walk the dog, entertain the dog, then have dinner. Why is adulting so hard?

I have some random days off between now and the end of the year because we can't roll over our vacation and of course everyone else is also trying to use their time so every now and then I'll take off a random Tuesday (like election day next week!) I want to do some knitting on these days. Currently I'm watching Miss Fisher's Mysteries, which I love - I really want to be Phryne Fisher when I grow up (though I think she is younger than me, so that is weird). But what else should I be watching? Tell me the awesome shows that are on Netflix that I have been missing!

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