Thursday, September 1, 2011

The loveliest sleeve caps you ever did see

I'm plowing through my second sleeve of Parcel and want to show you the clever little sleeve cap.

This construction is new to me. The body of the sweater is knit in one piece and divided for the front and back. The tops of the shoulders are grafted together and then stitches are picked up for the sleeves. The top part of the sleeve, the cap, is then shaped with short rows. This creates a more natural rounded shape in which to put your shoulder. Brilliant! Clever! I don't know why all sleeves aren't constructed this way. The best part is that I don't have to remember to pick up the wraps, which are easy to miss. Leaving them creates a decorative edge on the sleeve cap.

In a traditional construction, the front, back and sleeves are all knit separately and then sewn together. Fitting the shaped tops of the sleeves into the armhole areas on the front and back is always a challenge. I've made other sweaters where the sleeves were knit from the armholes similarly, but they used just regular increases/decreases for shaping. It still works, but the shape isn't as three-dimensional.

I'm very happy with how this sweater is coming out. It will make the transition to cold weather much more pleasant than it would be otherwise!

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