Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Knitting

I feel a little silly that it took me about 75 rows to realize something very basic about the construction of my sweater. I knew that it has an i-cold edging, and I was curious as to how to attach i-cord to the edge of something. I skimmed through the pattern to find that part and couldn't but figured I'd see it later when I got to that part.

At the same time, I thought it really strange that the instructions say to slip the first 3 stitches of each row. I mean, wouldn't that make the edge totally pull in and be all rounded?

Yeah. I am little slow.

Look at my pretty i-cord edging! I didn't even know I was making it!

Next I begin the sleeves, which I'm not looking forward to at all. (If only I were a vest girl!) Then the sleeves get knit together with the yoke, which is where the fun smocking pattern comes in. Lots to look forward to in this project, but mostly I'm getting antsy to wear it.


ingrid said...

So as you knit the rows you also end up making the i-cord edging? That's pretty neat. It sounds much easier than trying to tack on i-cord after the pieces are finished.

3goodrats said...

And it's far less tedious than making i-cord the traditional way. But alas, I just read the next part of the pattern in which I do have to knit i-cord the traditional way. At least it's a shorter piece of i-cord!