Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Knitting : a confession

I'm afraid to go back to my orange sock.

You remember the orange sock, right? It looks like this:

The pattern involves intricate charts and lots of counting. As I recall, in the dark recesses of my memory, in addition to the charts and row counter I also had to take some additional notes to keep track of where I was.

It's been a long time since I picked up this sock. If I go back to it now, will I have any idea what's going on? What if I can't tell where I left off? I'm frequently guilty of not taking very detailed notes even though I'm convinced I write every single thing down.

The longer I wait the worse it will be, I fear.

But I miss the sunny orange and I do so want some new socks. I've been doing a lot of darning but some of those socks can't be saved much longer. (What does one do with too-worn hand-knit socks? I can't possibly throw them in the trash, can I?)

I really need to get knitting. I'm going to have to just sit down and figure it out.


Annmarie said...

I just frogged my current socks because they were just unnecessarily difficult.

Casting on for newer more fun socks tonight!

3goodrats said...

Good plan!