Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Knitting

Here's how I've spent my bus commute for the past month or so:

This is the first of 3 skeins of practical-colored sock yarn I purchased at Windsor Button recently after finishing my decidedly-impractical bright orange socks (which, incidentally, I *have* been wearing.)

These socks are the Twin Rib pattern from my go-to sock book, Sensational Knitted Socks. Here's a close-up of the rib pattern.

The problem with practical-colored socks is that they are hard to photograph. The next pair, which I've already begun, will be just as problematic.

I used size 0 needles, but forgot to double-strand the heels for extra reinforcement. At least the yarn has a good amount of nylon content for extra strength (it's my new favorite - Cascade Heritage). I need to write myself a note to remind me to double-strand the heels on the sock I've just begun. This needs to become a habit!

My bus knitting is part of my plan to catch up on socks over the summer so I'll be fully stocked come fall. I failed at this last year, but then I was walking to work and then when I got a new job, driving. Now I can just knit away on a simple pattern while listening to audiobooks or podcasts. It's working very well so far! I'm afraid I won't have any very complicated socks to show off anytime soon though, as reading charts is too difficult on a bus (not to mention nausea-inducing.) The other part of my summer sock plan is catching up on darning - I mended 3 pairs of socks last night, and now just have 3 more pairs to go!

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