Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Knitting

I'm limping along on my projects, but I won't bore you with photos of the two rows I've completed on my cardigan, or the toe of my orange sock. Neither of them look different enough since you last saw them to merit a post.

I'll just show you some yarn.

It's very difficult to take photos of dark colored yarn, but the one in the middle looks nice here, doesn't it? On impulse, I decided to go to Windsor Button for what I'm referring to as "practical-colored" sock yarn. The owner agreed that these are, indeed, practical colors. I explained about my orange socks and how I don't know when I'll ever wear them and she sympathized with my plight. I think anyone who knits socks understands how we fall into this brightly-hued trap.

Two of the skeins above are Cascade Heritage, my new favorite sock yarn. The bluish middle skein is similar to what I used for these socks (but more blue), and the black yarn in the front is a solid of the same brand. In the back is a skein of Regia, a well-wearing yarn I've used before. It's a striping yarn in a few different dark colors, including purple (a practical color which, of course, goes with everything.)

As you can see, I've already begun with the solid black. As far as I am concerned black is the most practical color for socks so I didn't want to waste any time on those, especially since my one other pair of black hand-knit socks may be close to the end of its life. Although I'm already knitting socks right now, the orange ones are too complicated to knit on the bus which is where I've been doing most of my knitting recently. Thank deity-of-your-choice and the good people at Overdrive for the few iThing-compatible audiobooks available to me. They make busride knitting so much more pleasant.

I'll post more about the black socks sometime soon when I've made more progress and managed to get decent photos.

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