Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Knitting

Today is the first day of fall, so it is a very fitting day to present my finished Humboldt Raglan.

(As well as a huge chin dimple and the weirdest backdrop ever.)

I mostly like it. I'm not super happy with the neckline, which is wider than I'd like. But it's still very wearable, I think. My biggest concern was with the sleeves. If you remember, I was wanted to make them a little longer but was worried that I'd run out of yarn. It turns out that they are longer than I thought they'd be and feel fine. And I was right to worry because I only have about a half skein of yarn left (maybe 50 yards or so.) 

I made it a little longer than the pattern specified because although I have a short torso, I find that sweaters tend to come out short. Grumperina once suggested getting to where you think it's finished and then knitting another two inches, and I think that's a very smart rule of thumb. I've used it ever since.

All in all I'd call this project a success, and I'm looking forward to wearing my new orange sweater this fall!


Sam (Tiny Library) said...

That's lovely! I actually really love the wider neck, I always buy jumpers like that.

3goodrats said...

Thank you! I prefer not to have my bra straps showing at work mostly. With heavier sweaters I feel like I need the warmth in the neck area, but this is more for fall weather so I think it should be fine.