Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Knitting

The last time I posted about my Humboldt Raglan, I had begun a sleeve, panicked, and shoved it all in a bag. Finally I decided I needed to bring it out and deal with it because like it or not, cold weather is approaching and I want to be ready.

My concerns were twofold. First, I was afraid I might run out of yarn. There's nothing to do in this instance except keep knitting. Second and more importantly, I had begun a series of increases and I needed to do a little math to figure out how to space them. The instructions said to increase ever 8th row. Of course when one's row gauge is off (which is pretty much always) you need to adjust that somewhat if you want them to be spaced properly. It was mostly this math that was preventing me from picking up the sleeve again.

Finally I decided I needed to grow up and deal with things, so I pulled out the sleeve, got a measuring tape, pencil, and scrap paper and measured my gauge. Which turned out to be spot on. All that procrastination for no reason! My sleeve became my bus knitting and I powered through it in no time and have even begun the second sleeve.

The sleeves are three-quarter, so are fairly short. I'd actually like to make them longer as I'm afraid this length might feel a little annoying, but of course I have concerns about yarn quantities. I'm less concerned about that now that I realize how little yarn each sleeve uses. I think the rest of this project will go pretty quickly.

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