Thursday, April 3, 2014

Recent technical issues

You may have noticed the blog being down frequently in the last month or two. We're having some server problems that are too boring to go into here, so I'll just try to distract you with a cute picture of my cat, Clarence. Isn't he adorable? It's like he's reading this, except he's far too stupid to understand words.

Actually, he's almost 19 years old and deaf as a haddock (as a former coworker used to say). He's like an old man who no longer bothers to comb his hair and can't remember why he just came into this room so he may as well just take another nap. He's still friendly and affectionate though, and I'm just glad he's still here. Our days left together are numbered.

Hopefully the blog issues will be resolved quite soon. Stay tuned for a book review in the next couple of days - it should be a pretty interesting one!

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