Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Knitting

I'm suddenly in a mad frenzy of holiday knitting. I pulled out my copy of Handknit Holidays which I enjoy looking through each year but rarely make anything from, and suddenly I HAD to knit some ornaments for my tree.

That quickly turned into one partially completed ornament. Despite the time-sensitive nature of this project I have tossed it aside in favor of another project from the same book.

It seemed completely reasonable that I could knit an entire festive scarf in time for New Year's Eve, so yesterday I trotted off to Windsor Button where the proprietor - and two acquaintances I bumped into - all agreed that it was indeed a sensible plan. I bought some Debbie Bliss Party Angel, a silver, sparkly, expensive yarn, and cast on. So far so good.

Normally I'd feel guilty about the projects I'm not working on right now, but the other day I had an epiphany: I realized that knitting is not a competition. This is probably obvious to most people, but I've felt like it was necessary to stay on target and finish my projects as soon as possible. This especially applies to socks because, as I've previously mentioned, I hate darning. Since I began knitting socks I haven't bought any from the store and now that seems ridiculous. Although my handmade socks are superior, there's no need to force myself into sweatshop-like conditions just to keep my feet warm in the winter. And as much I look forward to wearing my pretty purple cardigan, I may allow myself to digress and knit up some legwarmers or maybe a new hat.

The result may be that by the time winter ends I won't have even one new completed garment, but maybe the actual knitting will be more enjoyable. 

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