Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Knitting

I'm on a mini-vacation in Maine this weekend so I don't have any knitting updates, but I do have a little review on a knitting book that you might be interested in.

Sweet Shawlettes by Jean Moss (2012)

As the subtitle says, this book focuses on cowls and small wraps. There are 25 patterns, ranging from little collars and thin scarves to full shawls. The styles vary as well, some dressy, some funky, some casual. There really is something for everyone.

What I really love about this collection is the sheer variety - not just in style, but in technique. There's entrelac, cables, fair isle, lace, shadow knitting using yarns ranging from lace weight to bulky. It's not forced either - sometimes you can tell a pattern was added because something with a particular technique was needed, but it's not a great pattern. Here, each pattern really stands on its own. Nothing was ugly or laughable, which is rare for a book of patterns with such variety.

It is always difficult to judge patterns without trying them, but the layout and instructions appear clear for the patterns that I read through. I also checked Ravelry to see what people thought of the patterns they've tried. There weren't a ton of projects from the book (it's only been out for a few months, after all) and it mostly seems like people are pretty happy with how their projects have turned out.

And the pictures are gorgeous. Sometimes a knitting book is worth it for the photography even if you don't even make anything from it. I have knitting books that I take out every now and then and just look through and never make any of the patterns, but they're still worth it for the sheer enjoyment. This could be one of those books, but I'll bet any knitter can find something worth knitting here.

Although I don't tend to make or wear these types of garments a whole lot, I'll admit I've already queued a few of the patterns on Ravelry. The entrelac piece on the front is probably my favorite, but I also love Ceilidh and Penumbra. I looked at a copy of the book through NetGalley, but I may need to buy myself a copy. Even if I just look at the pictures.

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