Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Knitting

My Openwork Rib socks are finished and ready for wearing! They feel great - or as great as wool socks can feel in August.

I wish I had a closeup of the textured pattern, but it is extremely difficult to photograph one's own feet, and it's impossible to get close enough for that level of detail.  This may just be a sign I need to start going to yoga again.

My knitting has really fallen off recently. I realize it's not the most summery activity, but I usually keep it up all year round. This has just been a strange summer in which life has been getting in the way of a lot of things. Stop it, life! I have other things to do than just trying to cope with you.

Anyhow, I feel like things are looking up. My house is slowly (really slowly) recovering from the electrical work that just caused 6 weeks of teeth-gnashing and disarray. I hope to start a new - and possibly more interesting (colorwork!) - pair of socks soon, and get back to my two sweaters. And that shawl. I'm not even sure where I put that....

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